Current Patients

Enter the Patient Portal Here

The portal is a convenient way to contact me with non-urgent questions or refill requests, schedule an appointment, or check the time for an existing appointment. I will also upload any results or documents here and generally will give you a summary of your appointment. If you are unable to access your portal account, please email me for help.

Instructions for Urgent Medical Issues
If you have an urgent medical issue, please do not use the portal as I may not check it for a few hours or until the next business day. Call my office number 303-883-1417 and press “3” to have the message sent to my cell phone so I receive it right away.  Even if there are no appointments available on the portal, I leave room in my schedule to see urgent issues the same day. Call!

Please remember that for a medical emergency you should call 911 and/or go to the emergency room. Please never, ever use the portal to ask whether to go to the ER. If you aren’t sure and have to ask, call the urgent number, and if I do not answer immediately, for heaven’s sake, just go!

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