Denver DPC

When I started my practice back in 2012, I thought I was the only one.  It turns out, Dr. Lisa Davidson (now a friend) was doing the same thing at the same time.  There is actually a whole movement called Direct Primary Care (or DPC).  Dr. Davidson’s practice is now full but a friend of mine recently opened her DPC practice in north Denver (Dr. Brie Seefeldt).  Each DPC practice is uniquely designed to suit the particular physician and her (or his) patient population.  We each have different office hours, different prices, and can provide different services.  But underneath it all, we are all trying to fill a need for a different way of doing medical care.  Both patients and physicians are getting burned out, slipping through the cracks, and hoping for another option.  It’s exciting that DPC is changing from something people have never heard of to something people are looking for.  So if you are hunting for DPC in Denver or DPC in Englewood, you have more choices than ever!


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