Mood 24/7

We are, as a species, notoriously bad at stepping back and observing our fluctuating emotions in a rational way.  I know, I know, emotional and rational are virtually opposites.  But this makes the difficulty of tracking mood over time notoriously difficult.  When I feel down, I feel as if I’ve never really been happy.  When I am happy, I can hardly remember a time I wasn’t.  So when I sit down and try to figure out whether or not something is helping–counseling, exercise, nutrition, hobbies, supplements, bright lights, medication–how am I to know for sure?  There is a nifty new cell phone app that is free and confidential that will send you a text once a day (at a time you choose) asking about your mood and then record the information on your own secure mood-tracking site.  You can then allow access to any of your providers.  Or you can do it just for your own records.

To sign up go to Mood 24/7.

If you want to allow me access to your mood log, my user ID is drrobincsfm (spaced out that would read dr robin csfm).

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